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Top Benefits of a Puzzle of the Month Club

If you enjoy testing your brain and solving problems, then you might want to commit to receiving a puzzle every month through a Puzzle of the Month Club.

Finding the latest puzzles has become challenging as so many local toy stores are closing all over the country. With our monthly puzzles, we find the best puzzles and send them straight to your doorstep.

Whether you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles, or twisty combination puzzles, you will appreciate receiving your monthly puzzle subscription, where you get a new puzzle, a sticker, or other fun items every month.


How to Order a Subscription Box

When you are ready to commit to a subscription box, choose the product you want and the payment options. There’s a subscription box for everything these days so you have nearly endless options. Usually, committing to a long-term plan lowers the price of the subscription. After you checkout, your club membership begins, and you get your first-month subscription box in a few days or weeks.

Each month, a new puzzle subscription box arrives, and you get to experience the best part of having a monthly subscription – the unboxing. Usually, people receive bills and other requests for money in the mail. This subscription is a fun alternative that will make you excited to get the mail again!

With a subscription box, you get to open a box that you know will include something you enjoy. You get to open the box with a big smile on your face. You know the package will arrive each month, but the contents inside make the box so unique.


Affordable Subscription Services

When you order a Puzzle of the Month subscription, you pay a flat rate for each monthly box. If you live in the United States, shipping is included in the monthly rate. Customers outside of the US pay an additional shipping cost.

Because the subscription company gets to order the puzzles in bulk, the subscription cost is usually less than the cost of the items you get. You might even get surprised with additional free puzzles or special offers that you wouldn’t get if you shopped on your own.

Sometimes, the puzzles in the monthly club aren’t available in the stores. The Puzzle of the Month Club can give you access to different puzzles of various difficulty levels that aren’t always easy to find on Amazon or other puzzle sites.


Convenience and Comfort

When you choose a combination or jigsaw puzzle subscription, you get to shop from the comfort and convenience of your home. Many communities no longer have toy stores, so finding a brick-and-mortar shop to buy even 1000-piece puzzles or other types of games and puzzles is challenging and expensive.

Brick-and-mortar stores know how to entice their customers into spending more than they originally intended. When you choose a Puzzle of the Month Club, you pay a flat rate, and you aren’t tempted to buy more than you need.

If you find that you love your first puzzles after you receive your first box, you could always purchase Puzzle of the Month Club gift subscriptions for your friends or loved ones.

Puzzle of the Month Club puzzles could include options from puzzlers like Buffalo Games, Sunsout, Ravensburger, or Mary Maxim, just to name a few. With a Puzzle of the Month Club, you can often make wish list requests, so you only get puzzles you can handle, be it 500-piece puzzles or challenging Rubik’s Cube options.


Something for Everyone

Many popular subscription services cater to one gender. For example, some boxes offer makeup and skincare products, while others have items designed for men with beards. Anyone can sign up for a Puzzle of the Month Club subscription box because anyone and everyone can do a puzzle!

Puzzle of the Month Club subscriptions are top choices for people who live alone or for families. People of all ages can complete the combination puzzles or various piece count jigsaw puzzles.

At Puzzlcrate, we proudly send puzzles of varying abilities, with some easy puzzles for all ages and some for those who need a real problem-solving challenge. You never know what you will get each month.


Delivering Fun to Your Door

With a Puzzle of the Month Club subscription service, you get fun delivered directly to your door. For many people, working on a puzzle gives them a stress-free escape from the troubles of the day. Your brain gets to solve a problem without worrying about multitasking and other stressors. You get to wind down and relax.

Puzzles offer a mental challenge, and if you complete one, you get to revel in the accomplishment that you did it. With the Puzzlcrate twisty puzzles, you can finish the puzzle, scramble it back up, and do it again. The opportunity for repeated fun makes a combination puzzle subscription box worth every penny. The fun never ends!


Learning About the Industry

When you choose a subscription box – like those from Puzzlcrate– you get a puzzle, and you get to learn about the person who created it. In your package, you will find:

  • One or two combination puzzles
  • A card that consists of the history of the puzzle and the person or company who designed it.

Having the background on the puzzle can inspire people to learn more and try to create their own puzzles. If you thought that finishing a twisty puzzle was challenging, try designing one on your own!


Choose Puzzlcrate for Your Puzzle of the Month Club

If you are ready to sign up for a monthly surprise subscription box, choose Puzzlcrate. Each month, you’ll receive one or two unique twisty puzzles with a history of the puzzle and the maker. We also include a sticker and extra goodies in your first box for more fun.

Our puzzles will work your brain. They are easy to store, display, or take with you for your daily commute. We only include twisty, combination puzzles – think Rubik’s Cube or something similar. Our puzzles are for all ages and levels, so you can test your family and friends to see if they can complete them as quickly as you.

We offer three affordable subscription options as well as a risk-free guarantee. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re here to help.






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