Top 5 Most Expensive Rubik’s Cubes

Valk 3 power M (LE) and GAN354 M ($39)

Starting our list off is a tie. These two 3x3s each come in at $39. What makes them so expensive? 

The Valk 3 Power M (LE) is a limited edition puzzle of which only 555 were manufactured. It is also a magnetic puzzles which comes with many other special goodies like a rubber wristband, special stickers that feature signatures from the team who manufactured the puzzle, and Valk Power logo stickers.


Via QiYi Mofangge Cube Facebook

The GAN354 M is also a magnetic puzzles however it is not a limited release. This puzzle is smaller than a normal 3×3 which makes it better for one-handed solves or speedcubers with smaller hands. It comes with multiple types of springs that can be swapped out to best match your desired puzzle tensions. 


GAN356 AIR SM (2019 EDITION) $49.99

The original version of the GAN Air SM was released in 2018 and it was a record breaking cube. The 2019 version now includes the newest nut and spring system that along with some other minor improvements to the pieces themselves.


GAN356 X (IPG V5) $56

The GAN356 X is the successor to the 356 Air. The biggest improvement with this puzzle is it comes with different strength magnets so you can swap out the magnets to a set that is strong/weak enough for your preference. It also includes the nut/spring swapping system in the Air SM. 

Seeing a trend here? The more customizable the puzzle, the more expensive it becomes.


GAN356 X ($61.99)

This 3×3 basically the same puzzle as the IPG V5 except this one has the newest version of the tensioning system for the nuts/screws. GAN calls it the numerical IPG tensioning system. The new IPG system allows cubers to tension the cube easier and faster than in the previous models by being able to adjust it with your hands instead of a tool. It has quickly become one of the best (if not the best) speedcubes on the market. 


The Masterpiece Cube

In 1995, the CEO and founder of Diamond Cutters International, Fred Cueller, put together one of the most beautiful puzzles ever created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube. The fully function 3×3 puzzle took thousands of hours to complete and is made up of 18-karat yellow gold and over 185-carats of various gemstones. 

Estimated value? Approximately $2.5 million

What’s your most expensive puzzle? Let us know in the comments below! 

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