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Puzzle Subscription for Adults: Your Ultimate Guide

Puzzles are more than just cardboard cut-outs. They're an escape route to a w2orld brimming with mysteries waiting to be solved.

But imagine a new puzzle showing up at your doorstep every month! Puzzle subscriptions for adults exist and they’re transforming how we interact with these brain teasers. 

With the right subscription, it's like opening a box full of curiosity and fun - monthly. Whether you're dipping your toes or diving head-first into advanced challenges – there’s something for everyone.

Vital Summary

  • Puzzle subscriptions for adults offer monthly or quarterly deliveries of engaging puzzles for various skill levels and preferences. 
  • Puzzlcrate, a notable subscription, ensures diversity in themes, providing continual engagement and catering to different skill levels. 
  • Consider factors like skill level, delivery frequency, puzzle types, and budget when choosing the right puzzle subscription. 
  • Regular puzzle solving acts as a mental gym, enhancing cognitive function, memory, and providing stress relief. 
  • Premium puzzle subscriptions, exemplified by Puzzlcrate, deliver intricate challenges for expert puzzlers, contributing to the maintenance of sharp cognitive skills.

PuzzlCrate Twisty Monthly Puzzle sucsbriptions

Understanding Puzzle Subscriptions for Adults

If you're an adult who loves puzzles, then puzzle subscriptions are just the thing to keep your mind sharp and engaged. 

Puzzle subscriptions work much like other subscription boxes. You choose a plan—monthly or quarterly—and wait for the puzzling fun to arrive in your mailbox. Each box is packed with new challenges that can range from easy breezy pieces to more complex brain teasers, making them perfect not only for seasoned puzzlers but also beginners wanting to up their game.

The core component of these puzzle subscriptions, as expected, are the jigsaw puzzles themselves. 

A Variety That Keeps Things Interesting

Each delivery offers something different so that things never get boring. The diversity keeps you on your toes - one month could be a serene landscape while another might throw at you an intricate mandala design.

This dynamic approach ensures continual engagement and caters to various tastes and preferences among adults who love solving puzzles. So whether abstract art tickles your fancy or wildlife photography stirs up excitement within you, rest assured there’s something tailored specifically for everyone’s interests in each delivery.

Tailored To Your Skill Level

What sets puzzle subscriptions apart is how they cater to different skill levels—from novices seeking simple enjoyment through piece matching exercises—to expert level enthusiasts looking forward challenging patterns demanding advanced strategies and techniques.

Puzzlcrate ensures that you’re never bored or overwhelmed by the puzzles in your subscription box. You can start with simpler ones and gradually move up to more complex jigsaws as you build confidence and skill.

How to Choose the Right Puzzle Subscription

Picking a puzzle subscription that fits your needs is like finding a perfect pair of shoes. It should challenge but not frustrate you, fit comfortably into your lifestyle, and ultimately provide satisfaction and joy.

Determine Your Skill Level

Firstly, assess your puzzle-solving abilities. Are you a novice who enjoys easy-to-solve puzzles? Or are you an expert always seeking out brain-busting challenges?

Frequency of Delivery

You also need to consider how often you want new puzzles. Some services deliver monthly while others have quarterly options. This decision depends on how quickly or slowly you tend to solve puzzles and whether having fresh ones regularly will keep up with your pace.

Type of Puzzles

The type of unlimited puzzles offered by the service can greatly influence your choice as well. For example, if twisty Rubik’s cube-like conundrums get your gears grinding in excitement then opt for subscriptions such as Puzzlcrate.

Budget Considerations

A final factor is cost - just because something looks fun doesn't mean it's affordable. Luckily there are numerous options catering to all budgets from premium high-end boxes down to more wallet-friendly choices without sacrificing quality.

Remember – there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes choosing a puzzle subscription box. Take time considering these factors so you can pick the one that suits your puzzle passion, lifestyle, and budget perfectly.

PuzzlCrate Twisty Monthly Puzzle sucsbriptions

Top Puzzle Subscriptions for Novices

If you're new to the world of puzzles, but excited about delving into this fascinating hobby, finding a subscription that suits your level can be tricky. Don't fret; we've got the perfect puzzle subscriptions for novices.


The name Puzzlcrate might give away its puzzle-focused nature. But it's more than just any old box of puzzles. It brings an assortment of twisty challenges right to your doorstep each month.

The curated selection is perfect for those starting their puzzling journey because it introduces different types and styles without overwhelming newcomers. The variety keeps things fresh while also gently pushing boundaries as your skills improve over time.

JigsawBox Subscription

JigsawBox, another excellent option, offers jigsaws in a box (as the name suggests). Their beginner-friendly approach lets novices build confidence by tackling simpler puzzles first before gradually increasing difficulty levels over subsequent months.

Apart from helping hone problem-solving abilities, JigsawBox gives subscribers an enjoyable experience through its well-crafted pieces designed around captivating themes, adding an extra layer of fun.

Mystery Puzzle Club

For those who enjoy a touch of suspense, there's no better fit than the Mystery Puzzle Club. This subscription provides not only engaging puzzles but also the stories behind each piece.

The combination of storytelling and puzzling adds a unique element, making it an exciting experience. The puzzles aren't too challenging for beginners, but they still offer enough intrigue to keep you hooked.

Twisty Puzzle Subscription

If Rubik's Cubes are your thing or if you're keen on trying out something different, the Twisty Puzzle Subscription is worth considering. Their collection includes twisty puzzles ranging from simple 2x2 cubes to more complex shapes.

This subscription helps newcomers understand the basics of twisty puzzles in an enjoyable way before gradually introducing more complicated versions, providing a sense of achievement.

Best Puzzle Subscriptions for Intermediate Puzzlers

If you've moved past the beginner stage and are craving more brain-teasing fun, these puzzle subscriptions cater to intermediate puzzlers like yourself. They strike a perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment, ensuring that your puzzle-solving journey remains exciting.

Puzzlcrate: The Twisty Experience

Far from ordinary jigsaw puzzles, this subscription box comes packed with twisty puzzles - think Rubik's Cube but way cooler. With its varying difficulty levels each month, it lets your skills grow steadily while keeping boredom at bay.

I can vouch for their quality, as I’ve personally spent countless hours twisting away on their mind-boggling cubes. Not only does it provide stimulating mental exercise, but it also develops spatial logic and problem-solving capacities.

Cubicle Premium Subscription Box: The Speedcuber’s Delight

Moving up the ladder, we have the Cubicle Premium Subscription Box, another fantastic choice designed specifically for speedcubers.

Each box includes premium speed cubes along with helpful solving guides, which make sure you’re never stuck midway through solving one of these fast-paced wonders.

Honing my own cube-turning speeds using Cubicle's boxes has been an absolute thrill ride, so buckle up.

Jiggy Puzzles: For Art Lovers Out There

Jiggy Puzzles takes a creative spin on the classic jigsaw. Their puzzles feature stunning artwork from female artists around the world, and each box includes puzzle glue so you can preserve your completed masterpiece.

Premium Puzzle Subscriptions for Expert Puzzlers

If you're a puzzle enthusiast or just a puzzle lover who relishes the challenge of complex brainteasers, then premium puzzle subscriptions are just what you need.

These subscriptions don't hold back; they deliver twisty puzzles that test your mettle and push your problem-solving skills to the limit.

Take Puzzlcrate, for instance. They offer more than simple piece-together challenges; think Rubik's Cubes on steroids. But let me tell you why these aren’t just good—they’re great.

The Appeal of Complexity

Intricate puzzles can be as exhilarating as scaling Mount Everest—without leaving the comfort of your home, or needing oxygen tanks. The satisfaction derived from solving something truly challenging is hard to beat.

You may question if spending hours twisting and turning cubes is worth it? Well, ask any expert puzzler—the sense of achievement when everything clicks into place is unparalleled.

Variety at Its Best

These subscription boxes give boredom no chance to set in. Each month presents fresh twists and turns with different 3D mechanical puzzles waiting for their mastermind solver.

Imagine Christmas every month but instead of socks, get mind-boggling contraptions delivered right at your doorstep.

Mental Gymnastics Unleashed

Not only are these puzzles a blast, but they're also a great way to keep your brain in top shape. They test cognitive skills like spatial reasoning, memory, and problem-solving abilities. 

The Impact of Puzzle Solving on Mental Health

Regular puzzle solving isn't just fun. It's a gym session for your brain, working out those mental muscles.

Recent research suggests that puzzles can help improve memory and cognitive function. Just like regular exercise keeps our bodies fit, puzzles keep our minds sharp and agile.

Puzzles and Brain Health: A Perfect Fit

Solving puzzles is more than finding the right piece or twisting cubes into place. By exercising our brains through puzzles, we can strengthen neural pathways and sharpen problem-solving skills essential for everyday life.

Mental Fitness Through Puzzling

Puzzle subscriptions, such as Puzzlcrate, deliver this much-needed mental workout to your doorstep each month. Think about it - keeping your mind active without even stepping out of the house? Yes please.

  • Crosswords aid language recall and boost vocabulary.
  • Jigsaw puzzles improve spatial reasoning.

A Boost to Memory Retention

Regularly engaging in puzzling activities may give your short-term memory the tune-up it needs because they challenge our ability to retain patterns and details—a key aspect of effective memorization strategies.

In fact, one study found that adults who regularly engage in puzzles had better memory function compared to those who didn't.

Reducing Stress Levels: One Puzzle at a Time

Puzzles aren't just good for the mind; they're also excellent stress-busters. Ever felt lost in the moment while solving a puzzle?

FAQs in Relation to Puzzle Subscription for Adults

Is there such a thing as a puzzle subscription?

Absolutely, puzzle subscriptions are services that send new puzzles to your doorstep monthly or quarterly, which may include a cancel anytime and/or receive free shipping.

Who makes the best adult jigsaw puzzles?

Companies like Ravensburger and Buffalo Games are renowned for their high-quality, intricate adult jigsaw puzzles.

How long does it take an adult to do a 1000 piece puzzle?

The time can vary widely based on skill level, but typically it might take anywhere from 5-20 hours.

How much does completing the puzzle cost?

Puzzle costs differ depending on complexity and brand. However, most quality 1000-piece puzzles range between $15-$35 each.


Embarking on a journey with puzzle subscriptions for adults can be an exciting venture.

Puzzles aren't just games, they're gateways to uncharted territories of fun, where you can spend some family time while you enjoy a puzzle box full of cognitive benefits.

The right curated puzzle subscription delivers these benefits straight to your doorstep - monthly!

Deciphering a subscription puzzle that suits your aptitude, be it an amateur or connoisseur puzzler, is not an insurmountable task.

Puzzle subscriptions offer more than meets the eye. These great puzzles boost mental health too!

Now it's time for action! Go out there, take the puzzle challenge, grab yourself a puzzle subscription box and start unraveling those mysteries one piece at a time.

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