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Puzzlcrate: Transforming Puzzle Fun with Subscriptions

Picture this: A box arrives at your doorstep. You are filled with excitement (at least I always am), filled with anticipation and curiosity.

You unwrap it carefully; inside lies an assortment of brain-teasing, twisty puzzles waiting for you to unlock their mysteries.

This is Puzzlcrate: more than just fun-in-a-box; it’s an experience!

Understanding Puzzle Subscriptions

For the puzzler who loves a challenge, having fresh brainteasers delivered right to your door each month may seem like an ideal situation.

That’s exactly what puzzle subscriptions are all about.

We offer personally chosen and carefully selected collections of twisty puzzles.

These aren’t your everyday jigsaw puzzles but complex, mind-bending challenges that make Rubik’s Cube look simple.

The Mechanics Behind Puzzle Subscriptions

Akin to subscribing to magazines or streaming platforms, getting started with puzzle subscriptions is pretty straightforward.

You pick out the plan that suits you best—monthly, 6 monthly or annual options are typical offerings.

Read More about our Monthly Plans Here

Once subscribed, sit back and let Puzzlcrate do its magic.

We handpick intriguing twists on traditional cubes each month and send them over by around the 20th day.

The anticipation builds up until it peaks when you get hold of an interestingly packed crate full of enigmatic fun.

The Story Behind Puzzlcrate

Puzzlcrate’s story begins with a smart teenager named Josh, an avid puzzler himself. Bored of his current puzzles and craving more variety, he saw an opportunity and started Puzzlcrate while still in high school!

Seeing this gap in the market sparked a bold idea: why not start the world’s first twisty puzzle subscription service?

A platform where fellow puzzlers could get fresh challenges delivered to their doorsteps each month. With this thought in mind, Josh embarked on creating Puzzlcrate.

Building Puzzles for Everyone

At Puzzlcrate, we hold a fundamental belief that the joy of solving puzzles should be accessible to individuals of all skill levels and age groups.

This core principle has been the guiding force behind our approach to crafting our monthly puzzle subscription offerings.

Instead of exclusively offering intricate brain teasers designed for experts, we have chosen to provide a diverse array of puzzle options that cater to everyone, from newcomers eager to explore the captivating realm of twisty puzzles to experienced enthusiasts seeking fresh challenges.

Additionally, we offer the convenience of free shipping and the flexibility of gift cards for those who wish to share the excitement of our puzzle-of-the-month club with friends and loved ones.

Choosing the Right Subscription Plan

Selecting the right Puzzlcrate subscription plan might seem like a challenge, but it’s as easy as pie once you understand your puzzle preferences and frequency of use.

Here at Puzzlcrate, we offer three distinct options for every type of puzzler out there.

The 12-Month Plan: The Marathon Runner

If puzzles are your forte, then our 12-month subscription is ideal.

Think of this plan like a marathon runner, consistent, dedicated, and ready for the long haul.

It gives you access to an exciting new twisty puzzle each month for an entire year. This plan offers greater savings over the long term.

The 6-Month Plan: The Middle Ground Master

Six months may sound short-lived compared to its predecessor but trust us, this option still packs quite a punch.

Like that perfect cup of coffee with just enough sugar – not too sweet or bitter – our six-month plan balances affordability with variety.

The Monthly Plan: Casual yet Curious

This one’s for those who love their freedom or maybe have commitment issues (we’re talking about subscriptions here).

Our monthly plan lets you explore without any strings attached—kind of like going on casual dates before settling down.

  • Long-term engagement: with either our 6- or 12-month plans.
  • Variety: Each month brings different challenges to keep things interesting.
  • Affordability: Long-term subscriptions give more bang for your buck than their monthly counterparts.

So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, there’s something here for you.

term plans. They’re like the tricky mazes you love, full of exciting challenges and surprises.

If simplicity makes your day, pick our short-term plans; they’re as comfortable and straightforward as your favorite pair of sneakers. The choice is all yours.

PuzzlCrate Twisty Monthly Puzzle sucsbriptions

Unboxing Your First Puzzlcrate

When your inaugural Puzzle Box subscription package arrives, it feels like an early Christmas morning. You’re filled with excitement, perhaps a touch of anticipation, because this isn’t your typical jigsaw puzzle.

Inside, you’ll discover twisty puzzles, reminiscent of the Rubik’s Cube but with an added dose of coolness.

The Puzzle Box itself boasts a sleek and robust design, evidently crafted to safeguard its valuable contents during transit.

As you gently remove the lid from your new monthly companion, the excitement mounts, revealing a world of unlimited puzzles with large pieces.

A Glimpse Inside the Box

Within the subscription box, each puzzle is meticulously housed within its designated compartment, safeguarding them from any potential friction during the shipping process.

The packaging serves a dual purpose – it not only guarantees the secure arrival of your puzzles but also heightens the anticipation of unboxing, contributing to the puzzle culture.

Apart from the enthralling twisty puzzles themselves, the puzzle club’s subscription boxes offer more than just amusement. They include comprehensive instructions for every individual item, a thoughtful addition that can prove exceptionally valuable, especially if you’re delving into a new puzzle type for the first time.

Puzzle Variety

The best part about opening up your first Puzzlcrate? It’s full of surprises. One month might bring an intricate 4×4 cube, while another could introduce a complex Pyraminx or Megaminx challenge.

No two crates are identical because variety keeps things fresh and interesting – challenging even seasoned puzzlers with unexpected twists (literally).

And don’t worry, beginners out there – these aren’t so tough they’ll leave you scratching your head in frustration either.

Check out our store collections here.

Benefits of a Puzzle Subscription

When you’re craving more than just the usual jigsaw puzzles, subscribing to a puzzle service like Puzzlcrate opens up an exciting world. But why should you consider it?

Puzzle Variety for Enthusiasts and Newbies Alike

If there’s one thing that Puzzlcrate excels at, it’s offering variety. Subscribers can look forward to twisty monthly puzzles – think Rubik’s Cubes but way cooler.

No two months are ever alike with this subscription box, making each delivery feel like your birthday.

The joy of unwrapping something new and unique keeps things fresh and challenging for any puzzler.

Savings Galore

Effective budgeting is crucial for both puzzle lovers who are college students and those responsible for managing household expenses.

The good news is that Puzzlcrate provides exceptional value with its monthly subscriptions, which start at just $30 per month.

By subscribing to Puzzlcrate, you’ll receive top-quality puzzles delivered directly to your doorstep without straining your finances.

This not only saves you money compared to purchasing individual premium puzzles but also reduces your shipping costs. That’s a smart shopping decision you won’t regret.

Furthermore, Puzzlcrate offers various skill sets catered to puzzle lovers, making it an excellent choice for those seeking engaging and cost-effective box gifts. With a customer-friendly return policy, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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A Brain-Boosting Hobby Right At Your Doorstep

Brain health matters. Studies show engaging in brain-challenging activities like solving puzzles helps improve memory and cognitive functions. It’s not just fun; it has long-term benefits too.

“The best way to keep your brain sharp is by constantly challenging it,” says Dr Gary Small in a research study. “Puzzles do just that.”

Community and Support

Ever feel stuck on a puzzle? Puzzlcrate doesn’t leave you hanging. Their online community is packed with fellow puzzlers ready to help out, share tips, or simply cheer each other on.


Puzzle subscriptions like Puzzlcrate are more than just a monthly box; they’re a doorway to exciting adventures. With each crate, you get the thrill of new challenges.

Understanding these subscriptions lets you dive deeper into the puzzle world. It’s about finding that perfect fit for your puzzling passion and preferences.

Now, its time to get your own PuzzlCrate subscription every month at your doorstep! Pick your plan now.

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