Looks like 2 pyraminxes squished into one. Smooth turning and very unique.

By the way…Each order comes with a free Puzzlcrate sticker!

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This is a funky one! The Pyrastar is 1 of 4 variants in the LimCube 2×2 Transform Pyraminx series that was released in 2017. The other name for this puzzle is the Transform Pyraminx ShuangZiTa. This crazy shape is called a stellated octahedron or stella octangula which is Latin for “eight-pointed star”. From the proper angle, it looks like 2 pyraminx puzzles have been smooshed into 1. The puzzle turns like a 2×2 but you can also rotate the 4 petal-looking pieces at the center of each face. Turning is extremely smooth and it definitely stands out when it’s on a desk or shelf. Enjoy!


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