Jumble Prism


The “grandfather of jumbling puzzles.” Every move changes its shape.

By the way…Each order comes with a free Puzzlcrate sticker!

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Now this is one of the odder twisty puzzles to be mass-produced recently. It was originally conceived by Bram Cohen who brought up the idea and discussed it with Oskar van Deventer in 2007 at the International Puzzle Party in Australia. Oskar calls it the “grandfather of jumbling puzzles” because it was the first conceived puzzle to be a “jumbling only” puzzle — meaning that each move you make is a jumbling move that changes its shape and blocks other moves from being made. Of course, all this  jumbling makes for a very challenging puzzle that is difficult to even mix up and the sticker scheme only adds to the confusion. That being said, it’s a very high quality and unique puzzle!


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