Duomo Pyraminx


A shape modification of a Pyraminx Duo. Similar to solving a Skewb.

By the way…Each order comes with a free Puzzlcrate sticker!

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Justin Eplett created this puzzle back in 2014 by modifying a Pyraminx Duo to expose and sticker its hidden edge pieces. This effectively turns the puzzle into a shape variation of the Halpern-Meier-Tetrahedron, also known as the Jing’s Pyraminx. You may not guess by looking at it, but this Duomo Pyraminx is solved in much the same way as a Skewb. You scramble the puzzle by rotating the tips which have a satisfying click with each turn. Like most QiYi puzzles, it turns very smoothly and is extremely playable. We hope you enjoy this fun puzzle as much as we do!


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