Crazy Gear Cube


This is not your average gear cube..

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This puzzle is the result of combining a gear cube and an axis cube into one. It was invented by the brilliant puzzle designer Raphaël. If you aren’t familiar with Raphaël, you need to be. Check out his work on his social media pages and YouTube at Raphaël Puzzles. Raphaël has teamed up with QiYi to bring us this gear cube modification. It features colored tiles instead of stickers. Stickered gear puzzles have a tendency to peal due to the small sticker pieces so this is a welcome adjustment. Like all of Raphaël’s puzzles, the quality of this Crazy Gear cube is excellent and QiYi did an excellent job producing it. It can be a bit tricky to start scrambling but once you mix it up you’ll see just how crazy it is!


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