The Electronic Rubik’s Cube

The original Rubik’s cube is a well-known tactile puzzle toy that has fascinated puzzle players worldwide since 1974.

The Rubik’s cube has had immense success, and fascination with the puzzle has evolved in different ways, including an electronic Rubik’s cube that aims to serve players’ educational and competitive needs. And there’s more to the Rubik’s cube than that.

It’s the ideal decompression toy. Due to the various original game and even electronic game modes, it can be a valuable tool in developing general eye coordination or hand-eye coordination in kids, or even as a party game for a special occasion.

The electronic Rubik’s cube, or smart Rubik’s cube, is a reinvention of the classic Rubik’s cube that allows you to connect it to an electronic device through Bluetooth and an app.

Think of it as a Bluetooth Rubik’s cube that connects to smart devices. When paired up, players can mirror details like the position of each piece on the screen, and it updates to match each time you rotate the cube’s sides.

The electronic Rubik’s cube syncs with a companion app that provides hints on how to proceed, a timer that counts down until the cube is solved, and a detailed walkthrough of each step along the way.

Below we will discuss how electronic Rubik’s cubes differ from standard Rubik’s cubes, how to use them, and recommend the best electronic Rubik’s cubes available on the market.

How Does it Differ From a Normal Rubik’s Cube?

Although it’s similar to a standard Rubik’s cube in height, width, and physical styling, the electronic Rubik’s cube has various design tweaks that account for its potential for high-level usage.

Each side’s center, column, and middle row have round internal edges instead of a grid of nine squares, making it easier to perform double twists or slides. You don’t need to learn expert skills or complicated algorithms to make quick turns.

The internal mechanisms are incredibly smooth thanks to a speedcubing construction, making it even more suitable for offline speedcubing than a new standard Rubik’s cube. It’s easier than most iterations, like the 12-axis dodecahedron.

Unlike the original Rubik’s cube, you can track the orientation and movements of the electronic Rubik’s cube in real-time through the app and get troubleshooting guidance. It offers plenty of fun mini-games to assist with learning, and you can also play with other people from anywhere in the world and join global leaderboards.

red side of rubiks cube

How Do You Use An Electronic Rubik’s Cube?

You can easily connect the smart Rubik’s cube to your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Start by downloading and installing the companion app for iOS, Android, or PC. Once you’ve installed the app, ensure your Bluetooth connectivity is on.

Provided your Bluetooth is enabled, simply open the app, and it will detect the Bluetooth Rubik’s cube and connect. You’ll get different options to use the cube once in the app, including a timer to count the solve time for a pre-shuffled cube and the number of moves you need to make.

You can track your progress with accurate stats, challenge yourself and battle with friends or anyone on the global leaderboard. The electronic Rubik’s cube puzzle can help turn screen time into educational time by helping improve memory skills, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination.

You’ll get tips and recaps of moves you need to make to accomplish a solution. The app also features mini-games to help reinforce how you handle the cube by using it as a controller.

These include twisting the cube clockwise or counterclockwise to smash tiles or a challenge where you rearrange the cube into specific patterns to paint. You can even play notes on a scale by twisting the different sides of the cube!

The app also features different modes where you battle with speed-cubers in head-to-head matches like scrambling, unscrambling, solving time, or manipulating the cube the fastest with instructions from the app.

The competitive element is useful if you want to improve your speed since it forces you to think deeply and critically at a rapid rate without giving you a headache.

You’ll get detailed stats on your gameplay, solve time record, your turns per second, how you fare against other players, and average move counts.

The Best Electronic Rubik’s Cubes

Different types of electronic Rubik’s cubes aim to take puzzling to the next level and appeal to today’s kids who love their screen time. Some of the best electric cubes include:

Rubik’s Connected

The Rubik’s Connected is an official Rubik’s edition electric cube. It has Bluetooth and app connectivity and comes with a free app that can teach you to solve the cube, help improve your speed and game, provide different statistics and allow you to battle other players online. It’s a budget-friendly option if you prefer a stickered electric cube.

Interactive GoCube

The Interactive GoCube is a sticker-less electric cube with rounded corners and smooth surfaces for a futuristic look. Its battery life is better than most Bluetooth Rubik’s cubes on the market, and you can connect it to an app for accurate statistics and participation in speed-cubing games and events.

GAN 365 i Carry Bluetooth

From the makers of the magic cube, the GAN 365 stands out from the other smart Rubik’s cubes since it doesn’t need recharging. It features a pre-installed battery that can last up to 280 hours, and you can simply change the battery once it’s depleted instead of charging it.

It also connects to an app and allows you to challenge friends online or play games. Although it doesn’t track as many statistics as other electric cubes, it offers training exercises to help you improve your solving times.

rubiks cube on the tip of a finger

GiiKER Electronic Bluetooth Speed Cube i3s

The Giiker smart cube was one of the first to allow smartphone connectivity through Bluetooth and an app. You’ll get the features present in a higher-end electric cube at a lower price.

The app can track your moves, solve times, and record them, and you also get interactive tutorials for improving your speed. It also features four mini-games to help improve your memory, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and sense of community.

HeyKube Electronic Smart Cube

The HeyKube is loaded with all kinds of features and is also programmable. It has LED lights that lead and teach you how to solve the puzzle, plus an app that can track your moves and the cube’s orientation.

It allows you to challenge and battle friends online and tracks your progress and stats with an option to turn hints on or off. You can use the Raspberry PI program to program the cube and add your lights, solving algorithms and games, making it an excellent introduction to coding.

How Much Does an Electronic Rubik’s Cube Cost?

You can buy an electronic Rubik’s cube for as little as $39 on Amazon for the Giiker speed cube. The original Rubik’s cube costs $59 on Amazon, and you can shave off $10 by applying a coupon.

A neonbrand Rubiks Cube

How Much Does an Electronic Rubik’s Cube Cost?

You can buy an electronic Rubik’s cube for as little as $39 on Amazon for the Giiker speed cube. The original Rubik’s cube costs $59 on Amazon, and you can shave off $10 by applying a coupon.

Final Thoughts

The electronic Rubik’s cube is a reinvention of the classic Rubik’s cube for the 21st century. It differs from the regular Rubik’s cube by allowing Bluetooth and app connectivity to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can use the app to track your movements and the cube’s orientation in real-time.

You can play mini-games to learn to use the cube, improve your speed-solving and challenge your friends or other players online. You may even find a mobile application for your phone to help you practice Rubik’s connected cube moves. Many cubers enjoy multiplayer modes.
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