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Best Unboxing, Modding, and Rubik’s Cube Tutorial YouTube Channels

Unboxing channels


Even earlier on the twisty puzzle scene was Kenneth, aka RedKB. His unboxing and tutorial videos have been entertaining viewers since 2006 and he still uploads great unboxings/reviews. His dedication and quality of work have made him one of the biggest twisty puzzle channel on YouTube.


Jessie, known as JRcuber to his YouTube fans, was one of the early adopters to the unboxing/reviewing craze in the world of puzzles. He’s been making puzzle videos on his channel for over 8 years now and the quality of videos keeps getting better. Other than unboxing videos, he also makes competition vlogs, puzzle news/reviews, and collection updates.


Much like JRcuber, Dan (CrazyBadCuber) has been a twisty puzzle fanatic for many years. We would argue that he is a big reason for the popularity of twisty puzzles from 2011 – present. His collection of insanely hard and one-of-a-kind twisty puzzles has fascinated viewers of all ages for many years.


For our Spanish viewers, Cuby is your man. He’s nearing 2 million subscribers and continues to upload twisty puzzle unboxings and puzzle related content.


Shawn is one of the most consistent video uploaders and truly has a passion for twisty puzzles and the community. His main focus is speed cubes but he tries out any puzzle he can get his hands on. He also has his own website which is loaded with tutorials, reviews, and other puzzle info:


Another great unboxing/review channel that uses some of the coolest knives to open packages.


If you’re looking for a fun unboxing channel that is honest and doesn’t take itself too seriously, this channel is for you.


Other than unboxings, this channel is also great for tutorials, especially for the CFOP method.


Previously known as haribo41296, Chris makes unboxing videos but he also challenges himself to solve the puzzles on camera without watching tutorials. This makes for some honest and fun solve videos.

Modding channels


Tony Fisher

It’s nearly impossible to get into puzzles without knowing who Tony Fisher is. Tony has been creating and modifying puzzles for decades. Many of his puzzle designs are now mass-produced and purchased all over the world. His channel goes into great detail on the history of certain puzzles and how they came about. He also enjoys taking puzzles to the extreme and has achieved the world record for the world’s smallest and largest Rubik’s Cube. If you’d like to see how he made his record-setting puzzles, Tony has many videos that go into great detail.


Like Tony Fisher, Oskar has been in the puzzle modding game for a long time. While Oskar doesn’t bother with breaking many world records, he does come up with some of the coolest twisty puzzles we’ve ever seen. Because of this, he is credited with many puzzle designs that are used in countless puzzles. On his channel, he demonstrates tons of new puzzles as they are printed and challenges you to think about puzzles and shapes in many different ways.

Greg’s Channel

Greg is another world record holder when it comes to puzzle modding. Some of his record puzzles include the 2 x 2 x 50, 1 x 2 x 111, and the incredible 33 x 33 x 33. A couple of his designs have also been mass-produced. The shapes and designs Greg comes up with are fascinating and impressive to see.


Nathan is a very unique puzzle modder. He does just about all of his work by hand which takes countless hours. The number of shape modifications he’s been able to come up with and build is incredible. Great things yet to come from Nathan.


Ben has a smaller channel but the quality of his builds is outstanding. His channel deserves much more attention and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of his designs get mass-produced.

Humphrey Wittingtonsworth IV

The ‘mad scientist’ behind many of the TheCubicle’s lubes and custom products is a really fun dude. Chris posts updates on projects when he can and it’s really interesting to hear how he went about creating the formulas for some of their lubes.

Tutorial channels


Mike Boyd

Mike’s channel is much more than twisty puzzles. In fact, the Rubik’s Cube is only a small portion of his videos. He makes videos teaching himself different skills in a short amount of time. One of his most popular skills he’s learned is how to solve the Rubik’s Cube and how to solve the Rubik’s Cube blind. It’s really entertaining and even motivational to watch.


MR. Puzzle is a great channel for demonstrations on all kinds of puzzles. He mostly concentrates on physical brain teasers and dexterity puzzle. However, he has made a few videos on twisty puzzles as well where he goes over how he solved them.


Matt Parker is one of the most genuine and funny YouTubers in the maths/puzzle world. He mostly concentrates on fun and interesting math problems/topics. However, he has multiple videos on how to solve the Rubik’s Cube and even documented a speedcubing competition he attended. It’s an honest and fun channel and geek/puzzler should check out.

J Perm

Of all the YouTubers mentioned here, J Perm probably has the easiest tutorials to follow for solving the Rubik’s cube. Not only does he have tutorials for beginners, he also has many videos for more advanced techniques. He’s your one-stop-shop for all your Rubik’s Cube solving needs.

Feliks Zemdegs

Feliks Zemdegs is one of the fastest speedsolvers in the world. He has help the world record for multiple times over the past decade. Lucky for us, he’s posted many walkthrough solve videos that you can follow along with to improve your own times.

Kevin Hays

Kevin is one of the most famous speedcubers and has held multiple world records in cubing. His main strengths are in bigger cubes like the 6×6 and 7×7. Like Feliks, he has posted many videos with advanced solving tips and walkthrough solves.


Another great channel for all things speedcube related. You’ll find many compilation videos and tutorials here. Phillip also makes some fascinating videos where he breaks down world record solves and how someone managed to solve the cube so quickly. It gives you a brief look into the mind of a speedcuber and how they visualize the Rubik’s cube when solving.


UberCuber does it all. Unboxings, reviews, walkthrough solves and tutorials. A quality channel any twisty puzzler should check out.


Lucas is another world class solver that has many videos on advanced algorithms and walkthrough solves.


SuperAntoniovivaldi has a seemingly endless cube collection and he is generous enough to show us all the new puzzles he gets. Not only that, but he has some of the best and most detailed walk through tutorials that will have you solving some of the most difficult puzzles in no time. His ability to turn an intimidating puzzle into manageable parts is impressive.


Pete is a Canadian collector/solver. Much like SuperAntonio, Pete has a huge collection and enjoys demonstrating/solving some of the craziest puzzles on the market. No fancy gimmicks, just pure puzzle fun.

Know a great cubing channel we missed? Let us know in the comments below! 


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