Best Rubik’s Cube Timers

It’s a fact that one of the critical elements of solving Rubik’s cube is doing it in as little time as possible. Speedcubers continue to lower their solve times to rapid times, with the current record for the fastest solve standing at 3.47 seconds.

To achieve such feats, or something closer, you need to practice with a Rubik’s cube timer. These timers are perfect for use at home or otherwise.

Speed cube mats and a cubing timer are essential accessories for any speedcuber, but choosing the best Rubik’s cube timer for you can be challenging if you’ve never used such a product. Every Rubik’s cube timer has its features, and what is suitable for someone else may not be preferable to you.

This guide will review the best Rubik’s cube timers on the market to help you choose the most suitable timer for Rubik’s cubes.

What Is A Rubik’s Cube Timer?

A Rubik’s cube timer tracks how quickly you solve Rubik’s cubes and other twisty puzzles like the 12-axis Dodecahedron.

Cubing timers are designed for competitive cubing in professional speedcubing competitions and can help you improve your solving speed and become more efficient with algorithms.

Official competitions by the World Cube Association use timers and mats to time competitors fairly and accurately. A cube timer collects and analyzes different data and statistics to help you track your average speeds and improvements over time.

Rubik’s cube timers usually start just after you scramble the cube and begin to solve it, and stop once you’ve completed the puzzle.

A cube timer or mat can be used for different reasons, like judging and ranking players according to regulations, tracking skills and progress while practicing, or emulating the competition environment.

You can also use a Rubik’s cube timer to collect data on other mechanical puzzles.

Why Are Cube Timers Required?

Time limits are typically included in psychological and IQ examinations. Psychologists consider the time it takes to finish a test in order to make an accurate assessment of the test taker’s abilities. Some IQ tests, for instance, may include a question about your ability to recognize patterns.

The IQ of a person is determined by how quickly they are able to answer these pattern recognition tests, along with other intelligence tests.

As Rubik’s cube is a cognitive puzzle, it applies a similar method to determine the skill level of a speed solver. The game requires the use of standardized timing to rank players and evaluate their abilities.

In addition, users can set timers to track their own progress or skill development while practicing.

What Are The Best Timers For Speed Cubing?

The best timers will reliably and swiftly record a speedcuber’s solving times. These include the personal best (PB) solves and averages for every event or competition. Some of the best timers for speedcubing available on the market include:

Qiyi Magic Cube Timer

QY Timer

The Qiyi Magic Cube Timer is well-built and accurate thanks to the developers, allowing you to precisely time your solves up to a millisecond.

In addition to the look of the timer being attractive, it’s also very ergonomic, with hand sensors angled inwards from the display and rubber feet on the back for increased stability on any table.

The Qiyi Magic Cube Timer features two attachments usually found in mats for your hands.

To use the timer, simply place your palms on the sensors on the right and left-hand sides and wait for the green light.

The Rubik’s cube timer starts once you lift your hands from the sensors and stops after you place your hands on the sensors again after solving the puzzle.

The Qiyi Magic Cube Timer includes a cable that plugs into the timer as well as a headphone jack, and it can record up to three solves, which is impressive compared to other timer apps. Three AAA batteries power the timer.

Speed Stacks Timer

Speed Stacks Timer

The Speed Stacks Timer provides an accuracy of up to 0.001 seconds and is compatible with all styles and brands of speed cubes, making it a great pick for all cubers today. It’s endorsed by the World Cube Association for competitive cubing and comes with a data port to send statistics to a speed stacks tournament display.

It features two sensitive palm pads with lights that flush when the timer starts running and turn off when it stops. You can easily mount it on a mat, and the power, reset, and save buttons have reinforced designs that don’t wear off after many hours of use.

The Speed Stacks Timer operates on two AAA batteries, and you can purchase it with its own mat set, as do the majority of novice and expert puzzle solvers.

T-mark Speed Cube Timer

The T-mark Speed Cube Timer is accurate to 0.001 seconds and features a large screen for a clear time display. It comes with a 2.5mm port and a connecting wire, allowing you to connect it to a monitor or a mobile timer app. It features copper plate sensors for sensitive hand touch control and an innovative automatic score calculation design.

The T-mark Speed Cube Timer allows you to save your results and has six anti-slip feet on the back to prevent any offset from affecting the game. It’s lightweight and small for easy portability and allows versatile use as a time management tool, dice timer, or timer for different cubes, including the Constrained Cube Ultimate. The T-mark Speed Cube Timer uses two AAA batteries.

SOARING Speed Timer

The SOARING Speed Timer comes with sensitive sensors on either side for hand touch control, and you can see your progress at a glance as you play, thanks to an innovative design. You just have to read the many online reviews to know it is a popular option. It comes with a 2.5mm external interface that allows you to connect it to a screen.

Six anti-slip pads are spread over the rear of the SOARING Speed Timer to prevent it from slipping off easily. It can be used for dice games, timing cube games, and time management. This speed timer is powered by two AAA batteries.


Online Timers

Different online timers are explicitly designed for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS operating systems. The best online timer comes down to the device or operating system you intend to use to track the solving time.

Consider factors like whether the website with the online timer adjusts to screen size, whether you can easily tap on it on mobile touchscreens, and support for keyboard commands like spacebar clicks on desktop.

Some of the best online timers available include:

  • CsTimer – It features an interactive interface designed for Mac and PC. You can customize it to your taste, and it comes with training settings to help you improve on moves and algorithms.
  • Chao Timer – It’s very user-friendly and supports multiple sessions. It’s only compatible with iOS devices and supports simple, quick hand gestures for starting, ending, or restarting the timer.
  • Twisty Timer – The Twisty Timer is primarily popular among Android users and is very effective and accurate. It can show data and statistics in pictorial form and is very user-friendly.
  • Ruwix Timer – The Ruwix Timer website is another popular option, with multiple options available within the timer. It visualizes scrambled cubes and allows you to import or export data. It supports official WCA puzzles, and you can customize it with different design options.

Final Thoughts

A Rubik’s cube timer is a must-have if you’re serious about cubing. It will help you track data and statistics on your progress and help you improve your solving times in practice or competitions.

Some of the best cube timers include the Qiyi Magic Cube Timer, the Speed Stacks Timer, the T-mark Speed Cube Timer, the SOARING Speed Timer, and online timers like the CsTimer, Chao Timer, Twisty Timer, and Ruwix Timer.

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